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Ecommerce Website Developer Bangalore

Highly Converting Websites

Want to increase your conversion rate and skyrocket your revenue?

Premium Looking Web Pages

Want to make your brand stand out in your industry?

Cutting-edge features

Give your brand a modern outlook with the most modern designs and features available in the market

Competitive prices

Want to increase your conversion rate and skyrocket your revenue?

Premium Looking Web Pages

Want to make your brand stand out in your industry?

Cutting-edge features

Give your brand a modern outlook with the most modern designs and features available in the market

About Ecommerce Website development

Skyrocket sales through Online Stores

Urban Moon is the top Ecommerce Website Developer Bangalore. We help businesses in Bangalore and across India by building stunning eCommerce websites with cutting-edge features.
Our team uses Shopify and WooCommerce as the platforms to produce customized online stores that build trust and boost sales.
Even if you offer the best products in the market, you cannot make good sales if your website lacks the professional and premium look that builds trust and credibility. Your competitors with mediocre products but a good website strategy and strong online presence can easily steal your customers. So we create eCommerce stores that are secure and strategically designed to make you stand out in the market.
Our websites build confidence and reputation into your brand by focusing on user experience, ease of use, responsiveness and mobile friendliness. 
So get in touch now without further delay and start designing your online store


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Ecommerce Website Portfolio (2)
Ecommerce Website Portfolio (1)
Separation- Bangalore Web Design Company

Ecommerce Website Design Bangalore

Our Ecommerce websites are unique and are studded with the most cutting-edge features which make it easy for us to focus on user-friendliness.

  • Adjust the design to be suitable for all device sizes and browsers.
  • Responsive design means it displays equally well on mobiles, tablets and desktops.
  • The SSL certificate ensures that the website is secure, which builds trust in the minds of any customer.
  • Your products can be showcased in a stunning and attractive manner with descriptive features.
  • User friendliness means it’s easy for your customers to do business with you, which translates in more sales and revenue.
  • A premium and professional look breeds trust and credibility in the minds of your customers.



Separation- Bangalore Web Design Company
Ecommerce website developer Bangalore- Urban moon
Separation- Bangalore Web Design Company

Ecommerce Website Developer Bangalore

Ecommerce is in high demand today and brings a lot of opportunities for both existing and aspiring business owners. The ability to offer products and services to your customers digitally is the real game changer in this era.  Urban Moon is the best e-commerce website developer Bangalore. We offer a variety of stunning designs and features on our eCommerce websites which help our clients stand out against their competitors. 
Urban Moon strives to be your one-stop shop for all E-Commerce solutions. Our skilled team with versatile experience offers you a variety of design options which makes us the best eCommerce website developer in Bangalore. We provide you the top quality services at the most affordable rates. E-commerce websites built by us use the most advanced and cutting-edge technology to create the most user-friendly experience for you. Our service is fully bespoke and personalized and is based on your business needs, which makes us stand out among all other e-commerce development companies in Bangalore. 

Separation- Bangalore Web Design Company

What Makes us the number 1 Choice for ECommerce Website Design Bangalore

Urban Moon is the number 1 e-commerce website developer in Bangalore and we are proud to boast of complete customer satisfaction in all our past projects. Being the best agency for e-commerce website design in Bangalore, we are critically focused on fulfilling all your requirements and providing you a with one-stop solution for all your needs related to eCommerce websites in Bangalore.

We take your business and your investment in us with utmost sincerity. ECommerce websites built by us are handcrafted and user-friendly and deliver actual results. Our highly skilled professionals use the latest and cutting-edge technologies to help our clients achieve their business goals and solve their painful problems. Ultimately, what matters to us is that you reap all the benefits of hiring a web design company and get the best ROI.
Once you have contacted us, you can relax and focus on your business while we take complete responsibility for all your needs related to eCommerce website design in Bangalore. We take your vision for your business and add our creativity and innovative ideas to provide you with a complete solution for all your eCommerce needs. Our stunning eCommerce websites with a premium look and feel have the mark of the best eCommerce development company in Bangalore, and will help you easily get ahead of your competitors. 
There are many eCommerce website developers in Bangalore but none of them can match our level of passion and dedication to your growth. Urban Moon is obsessed with client success and ensuring your growth is what makes us the number one e-commerce website developer in Bangalore

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Ramesh Shetty Local Businessman

Urban Moon has been amazing to work with from beginning to end. They grabbed what we envisioned from the start and delivered exactly what we needed. The support from the team has been nothing short of brilliant.

Jenny Sharma Boutique owner

I contacted Urban Moon to help create my e-commerce store. When I reached out I only had an idea of what I wanted to create, but I knew I needed help bringing that vision to life. The team at Urban Moon went above and beyond to make my store a reality.

Chris Parker Dentist

Urban Moon did a great job on my website. From beginning to end they were very professional and always there when I wanted to make any changes. I would 100% recommend them.

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    Make your website a reflection of your service quality and customer experience.



    Make your website reflect the level of advancement and care that your service provides.


    Food Processing


    Stay connected with your target customers and provide them easy online buying experience.



    Build a customer focused online store for your brand




    Provide best customer experience with our custom eCommerce solution.




    Get a website that reflects the capabilities of your business.




    Generate more leads and more conversion for your business..



    Provide an easy buying experience for your customers.



    Get a website that matches your level of workmanship and skills.


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    We create websites using the WooCommerce plugin that works great with WordPress, and we personalize the design to suit your business needs. We also provide a short training video that shows you how you can operate your eCommerce website and how you can add and remove products as well as use other functionalities. WooCommerce also gives the option to plug in a secure payment gateway through which your customers can pay you using a variety of payment methods. 
    We are also experts at using another platform called Shopify to build your online store. Shopify is a platform dedicated to only eCommerce websites and it also offers a really secure payment gateway similar to WooCommerce. 
    The quality of websites on both of these platforms is equally good, and the choice is purely on personal preference. 

    Separation- Bangalore Web Design Company

    In order to be the best, you first need to do the best. Being the best eCommerce website developer Bangalore, we have spent years analyzing the top websites around the world and finding loopholes and scope for any improvements in them. We have helped our clients improve their old websites and witness dramatic improvements in traffic and sales. Our website designers in Bangalore have worked with businesses worldwide and our clients swear by the fact that we are better than what they have experienced before. We possess superior visual design skills that carefully guide your traffic by using visual and psychological cues and gently driving through a series of desired actions, thus improving conversions. 

    Our web designers are skilled in the personalized design of WooCommerce and Shopify websites in India and we create bespoke websites only suited for your business.

    Urban Moon excels at building personalized designs for each individual client. We spend time understanding your business, your growth aspirations, and your problems and then come up with handcrafted web design solutions for you. You are the center of our eCommerce website design efforts and we keep your vision and aspirations for your business at the forefront. We work together with you and we take your input while creating the eCommerce website. We have multiple brainstorming sessions with you during the design phase and we revise and optimize our designs as per your inputs until you are fully satisfied. 

    Once the design is finalized and approved, our best website designers in Bangalore hand over the project to our eCommerce website developer in Bangalore. Our skilled developers make sure all the functionalities are met and the web pages are responsive to all screen sizes. They make sure all pages are loading fast and none of the buttons have broken links. Next, the website is thoroughly tested for each and every minor bug and finally handed over to you. And we offer all of these at the best eCommerce website development cost in Bangalore.

    The cost involved in designing and developing an e-commerce website is influenced by a lot of factors. Each business has its own requirements and its own unique set of products and services. Prices vary depending upon the number of pages, the number of products, and the size of the content on your website. 

    You can find some very cheap website designers in Bangalore who can design and develop e-commerce websites for peanuts. But the quality of the design will be so low that it will do more harm than good to your brand. Just imagine if you are looking for real growth or are trying to build a premium brand for your business, would you trust a 5000 rupees website for your business?

    So we genuinely advise you to not go for a cheap website design just to save some money. Whether you choose us or someone else, it’s up to you, but always go for a professional website development company Bangalore. Being the best e-commerce development company in Bangalore, we ensure that we give you a premium website with all the cutting-edge features. 

    That being said, our starting price for e-Commerce website development starts from ₹ 30,999. As we add more customization, products, content, or functionality to it, the cost keeps adding up. 

    Send us an inquiry or schedule a meeting with us to share your detailed requirements, so that we can quote an exact cost for you. Prices

    In today’s era, customers seek convenience and ease of use in all their experiences. Whether you are an already established business, online or offline, or are looking to start out, having a well-designed website exposes you to a world of opportunities. According to a recent study, up to 70% of your customers do online research even before buying a product or service offline. A website gives you unlimited access to your target audience and a platform to showcase your brand and your products and services to them.

    Living in a rapidly digitizing world, your customers prefer to buy from you by clicking a few buttons rather than visiting your store, ordering over the phone, or via WhatsApp. A premium eCommerce website adds a sense of professionalism to your brand. Your customers expect you to have a website, and its absence makes your brand lose its credibility. 

    Even if you already built a business and survived so far without an eCommerce website, it’s getting harder and harder for you to sustain it in the upcoming years. Soon you may start losing your existing customers to your competitors just because they have a strong online reputation and premium eCommerce website. It may be hard to digest but businesses having a mediocre product or service may appear more premium to the eyes of the customers if they have a premium website.

    We, being the best eCommerce website developer in Bangalore, are well versed with the latest trends in the market and we can help you get a modern, premium, and professional eCommerce website.

    You may think that you are saving some costs with a cheap website, but in the larger scheme of things, it can damage your brand and your reputation irreparably. Your competitors with an inferior product or service may steal your customers with a premium website and online marketing strategy.
    We are dedicated to high quality and performance. Urban Moon understands businesses and knows how to create a well-rounded online presence for you. We use the right visual cues that don’t just make your website look premium, but also gently drive your customers to take the desired actions on your website, which increase conversions and eventually adds up to your revenue.

    Urban Moon, is the best website design company in Bangalore for a reason. We go beyond website designing, but we solve business problems. Our experts put in the time and effort needed to understand your business, your aspirations, and your problems. Web solutions created by us are completely bespoke and only developed for you. Urban Moon solves the personalized problems of your business, rather than just giving you a website built through a cookie-cutter approach which is followed by most other website development companies in Bangalore. 

    We research your industry and understand what’s working in the market and then design the solution for you. So you must choose us, because being the best of all Bangalore website design companies, we charge a reasonable and professional price.

    It’s not at all essential for us to meet in person in order to work together. We have always been based in Bangalore but we have worked with businesses around the world.
    Urban Moon is committed to clear communication before, during, and after the project. But in the digital age, it does not require us to be physically located together. We have regular zoom calls, slack/WhatsApp group chats, and emails/ phone calls during the project and we keep you posted on each and every development on your website.

    Security of confidential information is really essential for any business since a website that’s not secure is not trusted by customers and may not even be supported in many geographies. All our websites are built and launched with an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate is a bit of code on your web server that provides security for online communication. The communication between your website and a web browser takes place in encrypted form if you have an SSL certificate on your website.

    We primarily specialize in WordPress development, with an eCommerce plugin called WooCommerce. WordPress is the most widely used tool in the world and nearly 40% of all websites on the World Wide Web are built on WordPress. We use the Elementor page builder to build really attractive and premium-looking web pages with WordPress. 

    Although WordPress is our platform of choice, we also build eCommerce websites using Shopify, which is a specialized platform for only eCommerce websites. In terms of eCommerce functionality, both these platforms are equally good and which one you want to go for is purely a matter of personal preference. 

    Being the best eCommerce website developer in Bangalore, we are obsessed with client satisfaction and we provide you the best with either platform.

    Ease of use for your customers is the top priority for Urban Moon. We integrate a variety of payment gateways into an eCommerce website for a smooth payment experience. The payment gateways that we recommend for our clients’ eCommerce websites include Stripe, PayPal, Rajorpay and Instamojo,

    All of these payment platforms allow your customers to pay through Debit cards, Credit Cards, UPI or other payment methods.

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    Urban Moon is the best website design company in Bangalore. We understand your business and create bespoke website design most suitable for you.


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