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Which are the best EdTech website free templates?

In this article, I guide you about what are the best EdTech website free templates available and which ones are most suited for you. Because as per studies, the look and feel of your EdTech website are among the most important factors that determine whether your target audience will enroll in your courses or not.

edtech website free templates

Are you the owner of an Ed-Tech or Online Learning business? It is important to understand that the design of your website can make or break your business. As per research, the majority of students, parents, and even professionals are influenced by the look and feel of a website before deciding whether they should enroll in a course or not. Moreover, having a great-looking and well-designed EdTech website also attracts better instructors and employees into your business. Find that hard to believe? I will share my own experience with one of our clients at Urban Moon, but I will get there in a minute. 

First, let me summarize what I bring forth in this article. I will share some of the best EdTech website templates and themes for HTML5, WordPress, and WIX. You will also find the EdTech website free templates as well as some premium ones. I will also tell you why they are the best in the market. And in case you are wondering which ones are most suitable for you, well the right answer, and the most frustrating answer, is “it depends”. But don’t worry, I will alleviate your frustration. This article will also tell you what factors it depends upon. And based on your needs, your business, and your situation, which ones you can go for?


Our Own Experience with EdTech Websites

Let me share an interesting case study with our client at Urban Moon. IntrnForte is an EdTech startup at Bangalore. The founders reached out to Urban Moon asking for help to design their EdTech platform. We quickly created four different stunning EdTech website templates and asked for their opinion. They selected one of the templates, and we developed their Website on WordPress, incorporated their further inputs, and refined the design to their liking. The impact of having a stunning and highly professional-looking website was apparent very quickly. Not only were they able to enroll numerous students in their platform within months, but even many industry experts reached out to them and expressed willingness to become an instructor. They even attracted many employees who were earlier working for other EdTech startups, but they said that your website looks so cool that I am willing to work for you. Still don’t believe it? Even we could not!
The impact of a well-designed website on your business can be unbelievably huge. You can do your own experiment and try running the business with an ordinary website for a couple of months and then on a professional-looking EdTech website template. You will see huge difference in the kind of response you receive from your target audience.



Which EdTech Website templates are best for you?

As mentioned earlier, the most suitable template for you depends on a lot of factors, and in this section, we will break that down for you. The factors that decide which template you should go for, can be anything from whether your institute or programs are meant for school, college, or for the upskilling of working professionals. It also depends on whether you have the budget to go for a premium template or if you want to stay with a free one. Further, it depends on whether the primary focus of your business is online education or you are just offering online learning as an addition to the offline classes in your institute. And of course, if you are a tech-savvy business owner/ educationist, you might have a preference about which platform you want your website to be on. 
In general, If you want a WordPress website focused on online learning, you should go with the Free Education Responsive WordPress Theme discussed below. While the Eduwise – Education Template by Envato is our recommendation if you are an offline institute with some online courses. Of course, you need some budget for the latter. 

Best EdTech Website Free Template for HTML 5

1. Free Education Website Template by Template Monster

If you provide professional college education, like Engineering, Law, or Medical institute, you can choose this stunning-looking website template. The soft yellow-colored theme gives this template a very sober and solemn look. The white color navigation bar with very thin font in menu buttons gives it a professional feel, with a yellow color sub-header. The hero section comes with subtle animations including sliding texts and images. The home page also includes a progress bar which builds reliability and trust in the minds of any visitor. This can be replaced with other features like a dynamic number counter, which again serves a similar functionality. The home page also has the option to show glimpses of your top courses with some excerpts, pictures, and the name of the instructors. Overall, it’s a wonderful template that can be used for different types of institutes, from high schools to, Grad Schools but are most suited for professional college education.

2. Special School CSS Template by Free CSS

Special School is a beautiful template with attractive yet cute colors, especially suitable for schools for kids with special needs. The playfully laid font in the hero section is bound to attract attention from the little ones. The child-like innocence in the graphics and pictures makes it suitable for kids from pre-school, daycare, or creches as well. The colors and pictures can be customized as per your liking and the purpose and nature of your institute. 
The template offers an introductory section on the home page, along with excerpts of blogs at the bottom. Other than the home page, it has the about, services, and contacts pages. There is also a blog page for archiving all your blogs.

3. Free Institution Website template by Template Monster

This is another EdTech Website Free template that can be used by any professional institute like universities, Grad Schools, or high schools. You can download it for free by logging in to the website through your Google or Facebook Account. You get the template built on a Bootstrap framework along with a fully editable and responsive layout, clean code, and handy structure. The template has a very clear and professional look and loads easily. You can quickly set it up and edit or customize it as per your needs and be ready with your fully functional website in a matter of days. 
Although the free template is most suitable for EdTech Websites for Higher Educational institutions, it can be customized to be suitable for other types of EdTech businesses as well, like Online courses, Professional Courses or even high school or elementary school websites. You just need to change the colors, images, and fonts accordingly to suit your needs.

4. Free Education Responsive Website Template

Another stunning yet professional-looking free HTML5 template. Give your institution or EdTech business a boost with this rather minimalist design. The dark overlay paired with black fonts gives this a high-class look and feel. Perfectly suited for Business Schools, Law schools, or other Grad schools. Can also be easily customized and edited to create high-quality online education websites like Udemy or Coursera.
The template will house a Home, About, Gallery, and contacts page along with your blog page. All pages have the right mix of pictures, icons, and infographics to entice your visitors and convert them into your customers.

5. Eduwise - Education Template by Envato (Paid)

Not satisfied with EdTech website free templates and looking to go Premium? Eduwise is a clean and modern-looking EdTech Website template that can be used for high schools or universities. The vibrant colors make the design stand out. Cool animations of texts in the hero section give it a high-tech feel. Visual hierarchy among elements has been used not just in terms of color and font, but also in the form of sizes and alignment of boxes. The home page has eye-catching CTA buttons in the hero section. It also has a section to show the preview of your top courses with enroll buttons, a brief introduction section, and your story and events section. There is also a vibrant and colorful section for testimonials from students which builds trust and reputation for your brand. Envato also gives you 4 different home pages and other necessary HTML pages upon purchase.

Best EdTech Website Free Template for WordPress

1. Academica - Free Academic Website Theme

If you are looking for free options for your WordPress website then Academia by WPZOOM is what you can go for. Simple yet extremely professional-looking design with a powerful search bar at the top and a blue theme which gives it an ‘intellectual’ feel. Suitable for high school, college or professional courses, this theme has a small hero image and vertical secondary menu, which gives it a subtle, old-fashioned look. This template is especially suitable if your institute/business likes to publish a lot of journals or blogs. A major portion of the home page is occupied by your blog snippets.
Apart from blogs and journals, this website theme will also showcase other details about your institute like the admission process, events and conferences, research and news etc. It’s responsive design and customizability make it a preferred choice among many educational and e-learning platforms.

2. Free Primary School Responsive WordPress Theme

This is a very attractive and eye-catching design with quite a unique structure. This is perfectly suitable for preschool or primary school. It can also be used for high school websites with some customization. Further, if you are trying to build an e-learning solution for school kids, like the Byju’s, this is again a very handy free template. The design has an unconventional structure, wherein the navigation bar is placed below the hero image, which gives it a cheeky feel for the kids. Besides, the home page has a pretty minimalist design with only a few parts like the About section, Features, and New joiners section. This theme is also handy if you need blog-centric content on your website. 

3. Free Education Responsive WordPress Theme

This theme gives a premium look and feel for free. The Teal colored overlay with medallion-colored strips and yellowish font, gives a posh feel to your brand. This EdTech website free template is especially suited for online course platforms for industry professionals or fresh college grads. This design is perfectly suited for content heavy website, with its font which stands out and is easy on the eyes. With bullet points and widespread blocks, it has a unique and attractive way of presenting the content. 
The template keeps in mind both the tutors as well as the students as users. It has a separate section for the instructors and the students where they can log in and create courses or take the classes. 

4. Edtep - Education Elementor WordPress Theme

If you want to go beyond the EdTech Website Free templates discussed in this article so far and go for a premium theme, Edtep is what I recommend. The green theme is laid so perfectly in the design catches your eyes while still looking classy. The animations are subtle, and smooth and move in multiple directions. There are icons for the salient features of your business. And the home page has other sections like events, services, testimonials, and the number counter. 
There are three other color options that you can choose from in case you don’t want to go with green. You can even change it to any other color of your choice if you are using a good page builder like the Elementor.  There are also multiple header options that you can choose from. The theme also has a wonderful admin interface if you don’t like to work from the WordPress backend dashboard. 


Best EdTech Website Free Template for WIX

1. Back to School

WIX offers this professional-looking Educational website template for free. This blue-themed template is perfectly suitable for schools, colleges, and professional institutions. The look and feel of the template give educational and learning-oriented vibes to any website visitor. The template is modern and very clearly presents the content. You can edit the color and design of the elements as per your branding requirements while still preserving the essence of it. It has thoughtfully laid out sections like student information, enrollment information, latest news, and a picture gallery. 

2. Online Business Consulting School

This dark-themed free WIX template is especially suitable for online educational institutes, EdTech platforms, or Digital Learning platforms. This state-of-the-art template has bright-colored buttons on a dark theme that catches the eye instantly. Other than About, Our Team, and Contact pages, this template also has pages for the course modules and the downloadable resources. The Home Page has sections for the features of your program, About your business, Snippets of different courses, as well as blog snippets. The animations of texts and images are very gentle and there are motion effects with scroll as well.

3. Elementary School

If you want your school website to have features like online learning tools as well as a digitized admission process, this is the one to go for. This blog-focused template has a minimalist and clear structure. Particularly suitable for elementary schools, junior high or high schools, this template looks professional yet inviting. 

Our Final Word

Remember, if education and building a business is your dream, then it deserves a well-designed, professional website. The EdTech industry in the US alone is worth $127 Billion in 2022, which will grow to over $429 Billion by 2030. So there can be no better time to go for your dream than now!


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